Looking Back

Happy Hogmanay [ in deference to Scottish heritage] and Happy New Year everyone.

It is traditional at this time to review the year. We created this blog on the 28th of March 2005 and here we are 71,427 page views later! Wow. We have covered a lot of ground in that time.

Since the archive links on the main page only go back to August [old posts do come up on a search and we have tried to extend the months listed but we are only 67% geeky ] we thought we would give some links to some early posts which newer readers may not have seen.
Here are 19 cherry picked from the early months [if we followed the herd it would be a nice round number like 10 or 12 or 20 but what can we say?]

1. Our first post of substance:

2. In camera meetings- still an issue:

3. Small busines tax burden– still in trouble!

4. Our first farm market post– guaranteed to get both sides steamed

5. Council meeting poker– our take on one meeting

6. Municipal nursery school –  so true!

7. 141 Main St. – what a difference, eh? One of several posts on this house and we could do another one …

8. NOT Mr. X – a must!

9. Cost of local government– too high!

10. Bus stop– the only consolation in not having a bus stop shelter is that we don’t have to see Brison’s face plastered everywhere we go in town.

11. Memory lane– we have lost more since then.

12. BS– needs no translation

13. One of our several cautionary tales:

14. Quotation #6 –pertinent just now

15. A comparison with Antigonish – and we didn’t even  compare univeristies:

16. Are we cynics? What are cynics?

17. Willow Park One of our horticultural posts. We are amazed at how
incensed people got when we criticised the shrubbery- suggestion
of  malfeasance illicits no comment but don’t touch the flowers!

18. A letter to the editor – not from us though!

19. Last but not least– another letter to the editor, a Wolfville
resident upset with Scott. We can guess the author hasn’t changed his
mind about his vote!

See you at the Mayor’s Levee?


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