Here is an e-mail we received from a resident. It speaks for itself.

The potholes in front of my house are so big and bad and my calls to have them filled have been falling, not on deaf ears, but on people who feel that it is not possible to look after the roads and pay salaries at the same time.
One gets jackrabbited from one phone number to another until somebody comes back from lunch or a  break to tell you there are no resources.  I see resources piled higher and deeper between here and Canning where they store the chip seal material.
It is just that there are no specialists in throwing that stuff into the holes and tamping it down.  Are they in a union or something?
I considered getting the gigantic raccoon (roadkill) on the highway and having it peaking over the edge of the pothole that wants to tear my tires to pieces.  I have to detour to get out of here.
The man who delivers the newspaper in the wee hours has to have the patience of Job.  The ambulance drivers and paramedics will drive over hot coals and potholes to get to this neck of the woods, not to mention the once a year visit of the RCMP.  Perhaps they come around more often, but have disappeared inadvertently in one of the potholes.  I should check.
Betty Morgan



13 responses to “POTHOLES

  1. Betty Morgan

    As a follow up to my rant about pot holes, I just want to add that it is not just a problem in front of my house. Has anyone driven down Church Street lately? Why is it that we cannot have paving that lasts more than one winter? Belcher Street seems to be holding up pretty well. Is it possible that some paving providers do a better job than others? It seems to be retrogressive to the times when maintenance was non existent. Does anybody care? Where does the money go? If our system of roads fails, the cost of rebuilding will cripple our economy faster than you can say NDP.

  2. The economy is in such bad shape, the government needs the potholes to create jobs by wearing out cars faster. New car sales improve as older cars “breathe their last” at a young age from bad roads and corrosive salt.

  3. Betty Morgan

    I doubt that picketing would do it.. The attitude is that they can’t afford to fill potholes and pay salaries too. Perhaps we could do it ourselves? The thing is, there are school buses, ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, delivery vehicles and people who actually work living here and we have to get our cars in and out without risk to ourselves and the cars. We have to swerve from left to right to avoid them.. Calling the representative is not worth the time. He just shrugs and says, “No resources.” Well, where do our taxes go? How about some accountability?

    If we had horses and wagons, the poor horses would be breaking their legs in our potholes. I am fed up.

  4. Betty Morgan

    Remember when kids were taken out of school to pick potatoes? That was in N.B. in the days before mechanical pickers. Why would that not work here? I can tell you from experience that hiring teenagers to pick crops is like trying to nail Jello to the wall. They have their music, they eat the crop, they throw things, they slouch around waiting for break time and then they quit if they get tired. It used to be that military wives would pick strawberries for Christmas money until they started having to declare it and the grower had to hire someone to do the paper work. It was ridiculous. It seems that only the children of the owners and growers spend time in the fields. Then they go off to college and never look at another tomato or strawberry, whatever.

    The jar of jam may say “prepared in Canada for XYz” but the berries themselves likely came from Poland, because they are cheaper.

  5. i was born in the gaspereau valley in 1976. I would love to come back to a happy place. Please someone tell me it is good here. Thanks

    • Yes, It’s still a lovely place. Do return – at least for a visit!

    • Yes, there are some good things in Wolfville. If you have any thoughts or comments you want to express please feel free to. People who are content don’t seem to feel the need to contribute.

  6. This spring I went down to the Wolfville town hall and asked about having the potholes in front of my place fixed. I had a couple of errands to do as well and by the time I got home the potholes were fixed. Maybe asking in person is the difference. Two sides to every story 🙂

    • Betty Morgan

      Lovely, would you go there and ask if they would fix MY potholes? I am in my 80’s and would have to be more of a threat. Did you take a five iron with you?
      I’m tired of the buck passing and run around.

  7. Won’t even drive through Wolfville anymore because the roads are atrocious….4 weeks ago I hit such a large pot hole when driving my truck, that my long box literally collapsed and buckled …over 1000.00 in damages…I use to really enjoy driving through Wolfville on my way to work, grabbing something to eat and or checking out the sites but I just can’t risk anymore damages.I feel bad for the residents and their ridiculous taxes ….such a shame….

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