We have opinions about where we live. Strong opinions. We started this blog in 2005 as a direct result of our dissatisfaction with the “state of the unit”. We were stunned at the lack of interest shown by our fellow residents in decisions at the municipal level which affect us all directly and shape the community in which we live. We were shocked by how deaf our elected representatives are to voices other than those which echo their preconceived ideas. We want to wake our neighbours up and provide a forum for alternate voices and ideas. Sometimes we comment on other issues beyond the local. Because they affect our community too. “All politics is local”

e-mail: wolvillewatch@yahoo.ca

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  1. Hello,

    Would wolfville watch be interested in organizing a public meeting in wolfville?


  2. Will consider that … let you know

  3. Hey there ww, great little blog you’ve got going here. Thanks for mentioning my Bay of Fundy blog in your blogroll! I’m just across the bay from you in Parrsboro.

  4. Thanks! We like yours too and check in every once in a while. It’s fiddle head season too so we must try that fiddlehead recipe you have there.

  5. Just discovered your site today thanks to HABA here in Hantsport.
    Hantsport Town Council will discuss the deed transfer tax tonight (Sept,.2) at 6 pm. The mayor is against it but several council members are for it.
    found your site very informative on this issue.
    And a municipal election in October. Should be interesting.
    II am the publisher and general dog’s body for News & Views, a monthly news magazine serving Hantsport, Mount Denson and Avonport.
    Have you done anything on the school reviews? It is the feature in my Sept, issue – hard copy. There are going to be big changes in the schools in our area.

  6. Robert G. Holmes

    Would you please enlighten us as to the substance of the mayoral candidates?

    eg. Gary Balcom promotes “New Direction”

    Thank you

  7. If you like the status quo vote for Bob Stead. Jeff Cantwell was on Council some years ago; he says he wants to see some changes but you should take into consideration two facts – make of them what you will: it is said that Stead fears Jeff will take some of “his” votes (.ie.Stead feels voters who like what Bob stands for might also like Jeff’ in the mayor’s seat) AND Jeff is also one of the boys in the band- that is The Men Will be Boys band which includes Bob Wrye and Greg Morrison. Gary Balcolm also had been on Council some years ago and ran last time against Stead for Mayor and lost. This in itself doesn’t disqualify him. As you noted he is suggesting a change in direction. You should talk to him and get a feel for his views. This applies also to George Townsend who is a long time resident, a straight guy, who certainly would change the modus operandi of the administration if he won. Both Gary and George are very approachable and would be happy to discuss issues with you we are sure. Since you must also be voting federally we suggest you talk to Segado at some length. From this conversation you will learn whether we are out to lunch or not!

  8. Robert G. Holmes

    So what do you think George would change ?

    Tell us more about Gary’s “New Direction”

    Give me an assessment of Segado’s performance on council. What can be expected from her as our MP?

    Is the Band’s influence on Town politics a progressive or regressive regime?

  9. George is on record as saying he would open the books and let the chips fall where they may. He is for term limits for mayor and council seats- 8 years maximum. He would work to eliminate the deed transfer tax. He says zoning should be secure. He is for reduced taxes-both residential and commercial-and elimination of wasteful spending. He knows exactly what he would tackle. Gary is less specific- so far at least. He does say he wants to shake things up, would like to see more openness, lower taxes, more careful spending, a change of priorities. But you should talk to both of these guys – phone them up and ask them specific questions.

    Jeff Cantwell we know less well in terms of his intent. His being one of the Band may or may not taint him with the present administration’s brush. Our opinion is that it does, but that is only our opinion. Whether the present regime is progressive or regressive depends very much on your point of view which we do not know.
    As for Segado – In our opinion from what we have seen Rosemary is a well meaning person but has been completely ineffective on Council. She has taken no initiative and follows Wrye or Stead’s lead. It sometimes appears as if she does not understand the back and forth as she comes out with complete non sequiturs, which are hard frankly to understand. Not sure if this is a language problem or some other deficiency. If by some miracle she won this riding she would be a vote in the house, a token woman, that is all. She would follow along and be very happy indeed with her salary and perks for doing not very much at all except attend. She is NOT ministerial material. She is a weak candidate and what is needed here to beat Brison is a strong candidate.

    • Betty Morgan

      Regarding Rosemary to Ottawa, she might at least send fliers back that have something good to say about Conservatives. That would be unique to Nova Scotia.

      We aren’t all knuckle dragging bigots, even if we did support the Reform party in its infancy.

  10. Robert G. Holmes

    Thank you for your very candid comments.

    What evidence is there of loose or ineffective management at the Town? wasteful spending? Hidden accounting?

    By progressive administration I would say that we should have a council which clearly identifies common problems, such as poorly built infrastructure, traffic flow, etc. and develops sustainable, long term programs for the betterment of all.

    Without much to judge the current administration, I would say they have been generally more progressive than regressive.

    It is difficult to see that reduced taxes will be anything but regressive.

    I would suggest that priority 1 is the poorly built infrastructure, (Streets, curbing, sidewalks, traffic flow). We need a serious program of reconstruction.

    Thank you

    • Betty Morgan

      Wolfville is no longer the quiet little university town it was in the 50’s. Change is not always for the better.

      Priority one should be having Main Street paved.
      Some thought should be given to town planning.
      Hopefully we wont see rows of apartment buildings
      in Wolfville.

      Allowing bistro tables on the streets for example, is that a good idea? Personally, I believe this can get out of hand. Food on the sidewalk will invite pigeons and maybe seagulls and crows, not to mention loiterers.
      Picnic aread might be a good idea for parks, but the sunny side of the street is getting tacky. Garbage pickup day has become pretty aromatic with the number of compost bins and restaurants around the square.

      As for a change in traffic. There should be another access to Wolfville from the east and the north, even if it has to be across the dykes.

      A new bridge to Port Williams, a route through or around Canning to the WEllington Dyke and back to Wolfville. One way traffic?

      Big trucks are ruining our roads.

      As for public service folks. Complaining about those who are there will not improve anything. Those who complain should try doing the job and see if they can actually make things happen. Get elected, do your job, then sit back and complain about the next person
      when you retire.

      That’s why we have so much unsatisfactory action.
      Instead of complaining, go to meetings and voice your opinions. If they are viable, somebody will listen. You can’t make things happen by sitting on the sidelines and carping.

      • So we should shut this blog down?

      • On the contrary Betty, good governance is not about oiling/electing the squeaky wheels who propose endless ways of spending taxpayer dollars without any semblance of justification or thought. Critical analysis is what this town needs more than anything else.

        Wolfville Watch provides a much needed public platform for critique and analysis.

        Like you Betty, I also find the Town of Wofville `a bit on the nose’ — albeit, in different ways.. I’m more concerned with how little we get for so much property/business taxation. I don’t think either of us should have to get ourselves elected to fix obvious problems when, as taxpayers, we are already contributing so much!

        They also serve, who `carp’ from the sidelines.

      • While meaning no offense, it is clear to me that above poster “Betty” requires a refresher course on the democratic system. The public MUST observe and discuss to affect efficient and meaningful change through their vote. The argument that observation and discussion should be reserved for attendees and participants while others could simply not have a required level of understanding is both misplaced and incorrect. Participation can be encouraged but never required.

        @WW enjoying your blog even though I am only a temporary resident.

      • @Cidiot. Thanks. Enjoy your stay.

  11. It would take too long to go over the history but quite a few of our posts (we have been at this since March 2005) comment on what WE see as ineffective management, waste, and odd accounting. Take a peek in our archives, do a search, although not all our posts are on municipal affairs.
    We agree with your idea of progressive but we do not agree that this admin has succeeded in resolving common problems such as policing, traffic ( just think about Gaspereau and Main- one example), parking, sidewalks, etc nor have many of their actions had the consensus of residents -vide the outcry over the elimination of the R1 zone ( which is still under threat)
    We think that it is possible to reduce taxes or stop increasing the taxes at the rate they have been and still run the town in what you consider a “progressive fashion” given the wasteful spending we see. How about $45,000 for the Council Chambers renovation as an example?
    We agree infrastructure should be near the top of the priority list- We think the priority of the this council has not been infrastructure or other basic services but with costly projects -justified by ill defined “sustainability” or some other ideology- which do not , in our view, promote those things that make a town “viable” and vibrant in the long run. You may disagree. We see Wolfville’s strengths being eroded and if this continues Wolfville will be another of the dead or dying small towns we see elsewhere in the province.

  12. To whomever authors this blog:
    For your edification and really nothing more, I, Jeff Cantwell was involved with the local musical group “Men Will Be Boys”. The author of this blog, who of course has the good of Wolfville and nothing more in mind and who also has his fingers so clearly and deftly on the pulse of the community has failed to mention that my participation in the band ceased in 1996. Please, that’s twelve years ago. I was only in the band for 8 years and am now gone 12 years. Come one now, certainly you can do better than that.
    Why not mention that I was a very active member of the St. Andrew’s United Church and I might be “tainted” by my association with that “crowd”.
    Jeff Cantwell
    42 Sherwood Drive

  13. We apologise profusely. We are so glad you corrected us – We were told you were connected to this group and our belief that this connection continued was perhaps influenced by your sign appearing on the lawn of a present member of the band.

    And yes, we do have the “good” of Wolfville at heart; we live here and we like our community and do not wish to see it destroyed. Thank you for commenting; as we said in our comments we didn’t know much about you. Now we know much more.

  14. Good morning. Thank you for your attention to my note. The lawn sign appears on Mr.Chamber’s lawn more because we are neighbours and we share time together as motorcycle enthusiasts.
    Many thanks,
    Jeff Cantwell
    [address and phone # removed by ww for the commenter’s protection]

  15. Thank you for clarifying the connection. And thank you for writing in. WW does believe in truth. Finding the truth is not always easy but we try. We tend to be contrarian and that is on purpose- to put out a side that often isn’t heard. And sometimes putting a misperception or rumour out there prompts a correction or at least a response from “the other side” which often leads to a more nuanced understanding of the situation or issue which is then closer to the truth.

  16. Having just returned from the opening of Rosemary’s office in Windsor, I will report that there was a large and enthusiastic crowd there. Some of the usual suspects, to be sure, but many of the younger set as well. There is to be another get together at David Morse’s office around supper time today. Between 5 and 7 or so.

    Rosemary has a good attitude and very open and pleasant personality. I am going to support her in her endeavours to represent us. I wish her luck. It will be an uphill battle, being in the party described by the incumbent during a victory speech as “intolerant bigots.” Ouch, that hurt. Gave me indigestion for a week. But that was then.

    And that, as Lily used to say, is the truth.

  17. Good luck in your efforts. We understand your feelings and wish you well even though we would have wished for a stronger candidate. We hope you will continue to keep us up to date on the progress of the campaign Betty.

  18. Charles Bukowski

    George’s view for how the town should be run sounds familiar….. coincidence??

  19. We have to presume you mean George Townsend not George Bush? A number of people have been incorrectly tagged (or blamed) for writing this blog – but we are able to state categorically and to a moral certainty that George does NOT write Wolfvillewatch!

    You would be surprised how many people share views similar to ours. Perhaps we will see this in the upcoming municipal vote.

  20. Men Will be Boys is a wild group of crazies! Anyone who hangs around with those rowdy shredders could only be tainted by groovy tunes and the fun of dancing.

    R-1a rules!

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