Debate? Or not?

Was this a “debate” or was it a tightly controlled event?  Judge for yourself.  And what did you think about the moderator and the questions she “vetted”?

One response to “Debate? Or not?

  1. I was not at the event, so was interested to hear that there was one. I live outside Wolfville, but that does not prevent me from interest in it as it has been my life’s focus to live here where I can go into town whenever I feel like it. I love driving down the Main Street, even when I have to stop in heavy traffic and put money in a boot. Wolfville is a “no hurry, no rush” town with no parking meters and lots of cross walks for kids to avoid.

    I should think it would be a privilege to be on the Town Council and participate as a group of people who choose to live here and “sustain” the lovely “lifestyle” we so enjoy. It takes work and a great deal of pluck to try to please everyone. I hope the people who vote will accept that youth and enthusiasm will be predominant for awhile until frustration and indignation makes it necessary to change seats.