Wolfville Election 2012

Not sure how many readers we have left as we have mostly gone dark here at Ww but we still occasionally get submissions. Brian Sanderson has some thoughts on the upcoming election and some useful analysis.Here are a few short excerpts to whet your appetite.

I’ve been negligent. For more than a year I have been ignoring Town of Wolfville machinations — and, in my ignorance, sleeping blissfully.

But there is nothing like an election to ruin a good nights sleep. Dusting off a year of cobwebs, I figured the best place to start was a review of the bottom line. ….

There follows some good analysis including  a chart. Then

Now we have elections coming up. A bunch of “nice” candidates are going to tell you about all the “nice” things that they are going to do for you. They will have all sort of “visions” and “imaginings”. They will all be “sustainable” without ever saying what exactly they are sustaining.

I’m Brian Sanderson and I’m NOT running for Council. I’m NOT running for Mayor. I’m NOT here to have “nice” “visions” and “imaginings” like some burned-out hippie smoking wacky-baccy.

I’m here to analyze the bulldust and tell it like I see it.

So please look at what he has put together. Here is the link to his page. 



One response to “Wolfville Election 2012

  1. This town is insane; been here a year, and am working on leaving promptly; never seen a town’s under surface this ridiculous, corrupt, and out right psychopathic in all my life; have seen it in big cities, but even there, not to this extent.

    This bit about artificially inflating real estate values and altering zoning laws explains why my rent went up this year, and why the apple orchard around the way is getting mowed down in favour of a suburb of enormous ‘Viking’ mansions…