A Wolfvillite upset with Scott

In the July 26 Advertiser an irate Wolfvillite had his say about Scott Brison in a letter to the editor. This Wolfville resident was very unhappy that Scott defended

…the Liberal government’s policy to pay out rent of about two million dollars to a Liberal senator building owner for 10 months before the building was even completed and occupied by any government tenants in 2003. [
For other reaction on this story see here] Does Brison expect the Kings-Hants people to vote once again for this kind of Liberal waste of our hard earned tax dollars?

Yes, he does, Bob and we are afraid to say they probably will. The letter writer vows not to, however.

While we are on the subject of Scott…has anyone noticed the little shop round the corner from Brison’s constituency office, the one that appeared very shortly after Scott took up his PW post? You know, the one with the little greenish yellow Smartcar parked out the front sometimes. Drop in whydoncha and ask them what they sell at EagleSpirit Marketing Inc .[their website may not open, it didn’t for us!]

Or you could do a google search on Eaglespirit Marketing and find some interesting info on this family-owned and operated aboriginal business. It certainly seems able to win contracts.
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Quite a plum for Wolfville what?

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