A Wolfvillite’s letter to the editor

We know we are not alone in our thinking about the waste of  taxpayers’ (our) money. But it is sure nice to see someone else speaking up about it.

In a previous post we pointed out the Fraser Institute’s tax freedom calculator and commented on the CCPA ( Can. Centre for Policy Alternatives) attack on the Institute’s attempt to voice taxpayers’ concerns. “Journalist” Stephen Kimber took up the CCPA cause in an article in The Advertiser Jun. 21 where he called the Institute’s calculations “a crock”. But in a letter to the editor in today’s (Jul. 15)  Advertiser a Wolfville resident pulls Stephen Kimber up short for his “asinine” regurgitation of the CCPA line. This steamed taxpayer said:

Among other things he ( Kimber) argues that only personal income taxes are relevant as if other taxes such as GST, tariffs and corporate levies are paid perhaps by extraterrestrial beings

We love it!

He follows with some sound economic numbers supporting the Institute’s calculations and then goes on .

Obviously all government expenditures will benefit someone, even if only Liberal Party hacks in Quebec. The problem is not only to use taxes in the most efficient manner but also to find the optimal level of taxation to enhance the common good; like maybe I can spend my money more wisely than Kimber and his Marxist buddies.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

He points out that the OECD has shown that Canada is one of the more heavily taxed of developed countries. And we suspect that in Nova Scotia, Wolfville is one of the more heavily taxed towns! We should at least insist  those taxes be spent wisely.


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