Cost of local govt.

From the CFIB’s submission for the 2004 Nova Scotia BOT consultation:
One of the issues CFIB has raised in our discussions on commercial property taxation is the cost of local government.

While increases in property assessments are rarely accompanied by an appropriate decrease in tax rates, it appears that the added revenues these increased assessments have resulted in an increase in the cost of local government, including an extraordinary increase in employment at the local level of government (see table 4).
CFIB has recommended a local auditor general to provide both government and taxpayers with the oversight required to run effective, efficient government. Other municipalities in the country, such as Edmonton and
Calgary, have operated with a local auditor general for decades.

Here is the table 4 referred to above:

Public Sector Employment Levels: Nova Scotia

Federal    Provincial       Local (general government -persons)

22,944     11,099          10,592

23,275         11,161          12,577


1.44%         0.56%          18.74%

Source: StatsCan v1596845 – from Table 281-0025: Employment (SEPH), seasonally adjusted

That’s an almost 19% increase folks! I bet Wolfville has “grown” its staff by at least that much and in so doing have boxed themselves, and us, into continuing costs which are hard to cut! Boy could we use an auditor in Wolfville.


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