Memory Lane

Do you remember when Wolfville had a shoe store? A good one too. And
remember the V&S where you could pop into buy sport socks or some other little thing? We remember when we could get our photos processed in town and get dry cleaning done next day.  How much longer will we have the hardware store now that it has taken on the expensive overhead of a spiffy new building? (Frankly we liked the “general store” flavour of its Main street location better. ) The range of shops in town is shrinking. We remember Wolfville as a small town where one could live and walk around town, summer or winter, to get everything one needed without burning gas or taking a bus. That is no longer the case. What happened? The turnover of businesses in Wolfville is high. Shops open and close before you know it. Why?
These are questions our Mayor and Councillors should be asking themselves. The answers are not difficult to arrive at . Just ask the businesses who have left and the ones who struggle to remain.


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