Chester- another cautionary tale

How did Chester become a not very pleasant place to live?

At a meeting recently in the much envied seaside town resident after resident stood up to tell police and local and provincial politicians how vandalism and rowdiness have affected them.
They were assured something would be done to reverse the tide. But it will be difficult; the optimum time to act had already passed.

Wolfville is much envied also, and thought to be a “pleasant” place to live. Our attitude seems to be – so we have a little graffitti on a wall, on an underpass- small change. A few noisy, drunken parties? Boys will be boys,
students will be students. Someone mangled some flower baskets? That’s
just hi-jinx, they still look nice. Noisy motorcycles? It’s only for a short while. Vandalism of equipment on the dykes?- that’s not important. Speeding through Town? Everyone does that, don’t they ?

And then comes the tipping point, which no one can predict. And all of a sudden it is no longer “a pleasant place to live.”

One thing about a municipal force – their main job was to look after the Town.


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