Willow park

Well the plastic is off, grass killed ( politically correctly) and the work has begun on the enlarged beds in Willow Park. Beds that are tripled in size. Will this cost more to create? Yes. Will it cost more to plant? Absolutely. Will it cost more to maintain? You bet! And will they be more effective than the previous smaller beds? If the past is any indication NO. The previous beds weren’t well planned. Any gardener would tell you that tulips are not a good choice for public beds unless you intend to replace bulbs every year (expensive!) because the foliage is unsightly if you hope for them to replace themselves. We could go on.

We ask you. Is this a good use of  money? Is this going to bring one more tourist to Wolfville? Is there going to be more space for children to run and play? What will it do for any resident? Is it a sound use of taxpayers,YOUR, money?

Would it be better spent putting in a sidewalk on at least one side of Maple Ave, where a disabled person has been asking for one for some time? She can’t get out in the winter because no sidewalk, no sidewalk plow and taxis are expensive.

Or perhaps it would be better spent giving a tax break to businesses in town so they could afford to hire a student for the summer.

We are just asking.


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