Of hay and chaff

Brison is making much over Segado’s no show at the candidates “debate” in Windsor.

Rosemary Segado, the hand-picked Conservative candidate for Kings-Hants, cited a scheduling conflict for missing an all-candidates debate planned for Thursday night in Windsor.

“If she can’t debate the issues important to the people of Kings-Hants during an election, how can she be trusted to debate the issues effectively in Ottawa on behalf of the people of Kings-Hants as their MP?” Mr. Brison said.

To call such events “debates” is an exaggeration, but hyperbole comes easily to Scott, marketer extraordinaire as he is.  One might also argue, although we won’t, that if the Conservatives get in, especially with a majority, even a weak back bencher may have more influence than an opposition sitting member of the House [ and especially if his party is not the official opposition which position the Liberals may find themselves in, given the latest poll numbers].

“It is likely that Mr. Harper and his people have told her not to participate in the debate to avoid any potential gaffs or embarrassments,” Mr. Brison said.

“Even without having been elected, she’s already letting Mr. Harper muzzle her. And if that is the case, she’s demonstrating she’s got what it takes to be a Harper member of Parliament because she would do what she was told. Stephen Harper doesn’t want strong Nova Scotian MPs who will stand up for Nova Scotia. What he wants is MPs who will stand up for Stephen Harper in Nova Scotia.” [Chronicle Herald]

We don’t think Mr Harper needed to muzzle Ms. Segado. We think Scott is underestimating Rosemary; she is quite capable of doing this herself.

Where’s Brison? – if we go by info on his website he is doing nothing from now til the election, and has done nothing for the past week, since the last event posted -official opening of his campaign centre- was the 17th. We have to say Segado’s website was even less informative. If we wanted to attend the town hall meeting in Shubenacadie – well, how would we know about it? We also understand there is a candidates evening Sept 30th at the Irving Centre – although that isn’t much publicised either. It does not appear in the Grapevine’s list of events but could be lost amidst all the Deep Roots and other artsy stuff. We do note that Carol Harris and Brison only have ads in that august organ.


One response to “Of hay and chaff

  1. I saw Scott in New Minas, riding around a van with his face plastered on it, last Friday as I was bussing to Wilmot.

    Apparently, he remembered there’s an election going on.