S o W money gone

We’ve been following the story of Rosamond Luke and it just gets worse and worse. And as usual we have all kinds of questions which go unanswered by the report.

Former Conservative candidate Rosamond Luke has been fired as executive director of the All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association after the Halifax group’s board investigated its finances.

Why did it take so long for the Board to investigate?

Brenda Saunders/Todd and Patricia Glazebrook, the two remaining members of the board, told reporters Wednesday that the association is closing because it has only $20,000 remaining from over $150,000 in grants it received this year.

Why are there only 2 remaining members? What happened to the rest and when did they leave -and why?

That balance has been committed to salaries and taxes owed, Ms. Glazebrook said.

The association received $132,700 of a $142,700 federal grant from Status of Women Canada and about $19,000 of a $40,000 grant from the IWK Health Centre.

Ms. Glazebrook said the association, whose goal was to bring economic independence to immigrant women, provided financial help to just seven women.

Just seven women. Wasn’t anyone monitoring the work? Wasn’t anyone accountable for the money spent?

Ms. Saunders/Todd and Ms. Glazebrook showed reporters several pages of photocopied cheques made out to Ms. Luke and signed by her.

About $84,000 was paid in cash or directly to Ms. Luke without proper documentation, Ms. Saunders/Todd said. She said some money went for a trip to Washington that the board hadn’t authorized.

The board questioned a cheque for about $2,200 Ms. Luke wrote to a company where her daughter works. Another $1,500 cheque was for expenses related to federal cabinet minister Peter MacKay’s announcement in June of the $142,700 grant.

Signed by her” – what organisation doesn’t have at least two people signing the cheques. Where was the treasurer? “Without proper documentation”. What a way to run an organisation.

Ms. Saunders/Todd and Ms. Glazebrook said they plan to meet today with representatives from Status of Women Canada.

SoW (Status of Women) must be ticked. It has been under fire lately from the Conservatives to prove its worth and this won’t help them.

New Democrat MP Peter Stoffer has asked Auditor General Sheila Fraser to investigate the federal grant. The federal Liberals are also calling for Ms. Fraser to look into the matter.

Mr. Stoffer is questioning whether Ms. Luke’s Tory ties helped her organization get the money and he said Mr. MacKay has to provide some answers.

Now there’s a question. What were Ms. Luke’s Tory ties? Just because she was asked to be a candidate and she accepted (for a few days) doesn’t mean she had deep Tory ties.  We know one candidate locally whose Tory ties were pretty tenuous.

Guess we will have to wait for Frank to give us a better handle on what was really going on at AWEDA.


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  1. Just seven women. Wasn’t anyone monitoring the work? Wasn’t anyone accountable for the money spent?

    I’m sure this isn’t the only grant issued by ACOA. (that hasn’t been followed up with checks on results or administration accounts)..take a look at some of the money funneled to womens business groups in NS vis this agency. It’s atrocious.

  2. It was reported in the Chronicle Herald today that a large cheque went to Boyne Clarke and another law firm for work on a divorce settlement appeal.

    The amounts charged would make one think twice before suing for divorce. Is there not a rate table for what they are allowed to charge for services? Are they still charging for stamps and phone calls?

    Seems like gouging to me. Taking advantage of a situation at the very least. But then compassion isn’t a lawyer’s long suit.

  3. Rosamond Luke is a member of R.E.A.L. women. There’s your ReformaTory ties.

  4. When you posted on the Breandnroses forum yesterday at 7.13 pm you were unsure:

    Re: Women’s issues (formerly ‘anti-choice candidates’)
    It would be interesting to find out whether Rosamond Luke has any connections to R.E.A.L. women, and if so, whether the ‘All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association’ received funding from Status of Women Canada under the new regulations.
    Just saying.

    Then Antonia (born to bark) chimed in on the forum with this at 8:18 pm

    I heard from one Halifax reader who suggested she did have ties to R.E.A.L. but I haven’t yet been able to prove it.”


    We do not see any further comment proclaiming any evidence in the subsequent commentary on the thread about Ms. Luke’s membership (or not) in REAL women – which surely you would proudly share?

    Just wondering what information or evidence you received since then and your above definitive statement posted here.

  5. Is there something sinister about REAL women? I think most of them are quite productive and active in community life. What’s the problem with them. I would like to know. I suppose that makes me subject to some label or other too.

  6. Don't Embarass Your Daughter

    This woman should be put behind bars. She hit a friend of mine with her car outside of her Daughter’s School, the Ambrae Academy (maybe a place where AWEDA monies went?) and demanded that they go somewhere where they would not embarrass her daughter. She had damaged my friend’s car to the point that it could not drive away and permanently damaged the health of the passenger on which side of the car she hit it. She called the police and told them that no one was hurt and not to come after my friend had the police called and requested to come. She is just a maipulating woman that needs to learn a lesson.

    Well I think that now she has done more to embarrass her daughter than she ever could. Way to go Rosamond.

    • Community Support

      You should be put behind bars for defaming this woman. You dont even know her she is an intelligent, classy and caring individual people have just used as a scapegoat. Yes, she had to protect her daughter that morning not because she didnt want to accept there was an accident but because she want her daughter to worry thinking her mum got hurt. The driver by the way was out of town and was not familar with driving in Halifax. If she indeed got hurt she should have following it up with a claim. – Stop Lieing and get to know Luke.

    • This woman’s car spun out in front of us and was across the lane..We could not avoid hitting her rear bumper.
      She got out of her car and began directing traffic. She agree to go to the police station but it was no longer there.So we both agreed to report to our insurance companies.
      2 days later some guy calls looking for cash.My husband said no as REAL insurance companies do not do that.
      This woman came back to the mall to shop.
      She apparently went to a doctor claiming she was too injured to work.She had a dent in her right bumper and our car had no damage..
      Our insurance company did not believe her and she was under surveillance . She obtained a lawyer to sue for the dent and her so called injuries..We could not believe they paid her 30,000 ..She was the one across the lane and there was no speed involved you are seconds form a stop sign.

  7. Community Support

    Hi Don’t Embrass Your Daughter: If you know the Lukes at Armbrae they are well manner, well educated and well rounded children. Ms. Luke’s son was the first African Canadian Headboy at Armbrae, her daughter April Luke was a leader and a rising star in sport. She carried over 5 prizes and plaques during her graduation ceremony. The youngest is Sarah Luke, smart, beautiful and poised girl. I now reply to the above. One thing I know about Ms. Luke is she will always accept her faults.

    What we are seeing here is a typical political and media conspiracy against Luke. It is now known that the Police have not found her guilty of any crimimal charges and the case has been dropped. Both Brenda and Patricia rushed with their decisions and acted on their own as they were trying to do a “hostile takeover” of AWEDA. Who is Glazebrook to even point her finger at Luke when she is “Mariwana Addict” the women smokes weed with her Dalhousie Students – the President Traves fired her? No. She is a white Ph.D holder.

    If Luke has damaged the health of the passenger on which side side of the car she hit why didn’t you press charges. You all are a bunch of racist that come out of your shells when a black successful individual is used as a scapegoat – look at the word “Personally mediated racism” which is defined as prejudice and discrimination, where prejudice is differential assumptions about the abilities, motives, and intents of others by race, and discrimination is differential actions toward others by race (14 ). This is what most people think of when they hear the word, racism. Personally mediated racism can be intentional as well as unintentional, and it includes acts of commission as well as acts of omission. It manifests as lack of respect, suspicion, devaluation, scapegoating, and dehumanization. Thanks U.

    • What a Mess!

      I see that Rosamond Luke is in the news again. This time her home is in foreclosure.

      I have known Rosamond Luke since she first arrived in Halifax with her then husband in the early 1980s. My observations over the years are that Luke is in complete denial of how her behaviour affects others. She will most certainly never admit to her faults. She has lost everything, community respect, her marriage and from reading today’s headlines, her home. Yet one gets the sense from reading her rants that she has not yet come to terms with how she has arrived at this place. She denies any wrongdoing, always claims racism, it is everybody else’s fault but her own. No self-reflection, no self-awareness. Her whole life was built on a house of sand which has now tragically collapsed. This is a sad and tragic individual who has many talents and could have made much of her life so it is painful to watch her disintegration play out so publicly.

      • You are jealous of her she is better than Trish Glazebrook who is a Dalhousie Professor but also a drug dealer. Luke recover her home shame on your. Luke is indeed a hero in Nova Scotia’s racist society. Dr. Patricia Glazebrook’s house must be searched by crime stoppers for illegal drugs

      • What a Mess - Dr. Patricia Glazebrook

        Just a follow on your messy message above. As the saying goes the down fall of man is not the end of his life so is Luke’s. She is on a journey and she saved her house – shame on you. Who we should watch for is drug dealers like Dr. Patricia Glazebrook of Dalhousie University – who shares mariwana with her students during her wild beginning of year parties. We Love Rosamond Luke and she is a true survivor. How will your life end? Are you jealous that a black women can take all the hits and still survive in this racist province of Nova Scotia. Keep it up Rosamond – we are behind you all the way and keep doing what you are doing.

  8. Rosamond Luke is in hot water yet again, this time for shoplifting. Imagine the peril that the riding of Halifax would have been in today if she had succeeded in getting elected to parliament. Thank God for the fifth estate. Let’s hope that no more public funds are being given to this criminal to squander. Read the article below.


    [comment has been edited to include the link to the article instead of the whole text of the article -Ww]

    • This sounds like the self impossed political user – Barbara Stegman who instigated Glazebrook and Saunder–Todd to proceed with an untrue investigation against Luke.
      Have you ever declared your son’s father and have you told Nova Scotian why you left BC – you are jealous because you were not nominated for the Halifax Riding. Well the fact is you talk to loud and you are a deaf woman. [clipped – Ww]

  9. What a Mess! It seems as if you are keeping track of this women and you definately want her to fail. Can you wait for her to be charged before making any conclusion. Is anyone after Patricia Glazebrooke trafficing weed and sharing it with her students. We love Rosamond and she will be cleared just like those bitches tried to paint her – Saunder-Todd and Glazebrooke. You [snip] – leave this woman alone.

  10. I suspect from the tenor and tone of the postings of Jane Doe and others supportive of Rosamond Luke on this page, that the author is none other than Rosamond Luke herself. Luke is known to struggle with written and spoken English, a running joke among politicos in Halifax Riding. The tenor of the postings speak for themselves and the character of the individual. She succeeded in fooling a lot of people until her true nature was revealed. As I understand it, the only crime that Saunders-Todd and Glazebrook committed was naivete in trusting Luke and getting involved with the Aweda project. It is a shame that this disgraceful person is being allowed to wander the streets to shoplift when she should clearly be behind bars for the protection of the public and property. I read somewhere that she registered as a lobbyist. Does anyone know whether her “organization” is still being funded by the Feds/Status of Women Canada? That would be a travesty!

    BTW, I thought that Luke has been charged and is awaiting trial on the shoplifting charges. Well good old Frank Mag will shed more light on the goings on soon enough.

    • Just the same way Frank Magazine talks about your past and how your have fooled Nova Scotians. One is innocent until proven guilty. Let’s wait and see – Nobody takes Frank Magazine seriously, if we did people like the Mayor will be out of his job by now. [snip – the rest of the comment has been removed by the moderator]

  11. Rosamond Luke

    I have just noticed that this blog was created without the consent of Rosamond Luke. Could you please delete it or else we are going to take legal action.

  12. SoW Money Gone!

    Perhaps Luke mistakes Canada for some banana republic where criticism of public figures can be silenced by threats of legal action or worse. Her consent is not required for discussions on this blog about her or any other public figure or subject. In this country, we hold our politicians and recipients of public funds or public largesse (like the funding she received from SOW and IWK) accountable and they are subject to criticism like any other public figure. Perhaps if she kept herself out of the headlines of the Chronicle Herald, there would be less fodder for discussion about her on this blog.

  13. We have edited and not approved recent comments made to this year old post and we are now closing comments on it as they have deteriorated from reasonable discussion about proper oversight of taxpayer funding to personal vituperation. It is being used as a platform for two people to slander each other in a very unsavoury way, which is not the purpose of this blog.