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A letter

A letter to the C. H. from Wolfvillian B. Sanderson, sometime reader of, commenter and contributor to Ww –  in case you missed it.

Personal freedom key

Re: “Religious freedom ‘essential’” (Jan. 3). Surprise, surprise! Our government is going to bless us all with an “Office of Religious Freedom.” The Holy See in Rome, the Aga Khan, head of the Greek Orthodox Church, and other foreign powers were duly consulted. So who would have the temerity to complain? Me, that’s who! I refuse to be governed according to secret advice from foreign god-pushers!

We have been told that the Office of Religious Freedom will protect religious rights and advocate on behalf of religions. It is the job of government to represent people, not religions. Religions do not have rights. People have rights! Let us have an “Office of Personal Freedom.” [emph ours]

Brian Sanderson, Wolfville  [link to Voice of the People]

Have to agree. Better they should get rid of the Kangaroo Courts so called Human Rights Tribunals.

Questions for prospective NDP leader

The CBC wants questions you would like put to the NDP candidates for leadership of the party.

Ww readers might like to submit theirs, with this in mind :

We’ll be choosing open-ended questions in order to fuel conversation, rather than questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.”

As you see quite a few people have added their questions already.


Quote of the day

“When everybody owns something, nobody owns it, and nobody has a direct interest in maintaining or improving its condition. That is why buildings in the Soviet Union — like public housing in the United States  [or Attawapiskat -Ww]— look decrepit … Continue reading

June 14, 2011

A video & message from the CTF

We took the National Debt Clock to the Conservative Party Convention
 this past Thursday as a friendly reminder to the Prime Minister, MPs and party delegates that their government is still overspending by $1,024 per second (Read: time to roll up the sleeves and control spending in order to meet the 2014 balanced budget commitment).

However, many delegates didn’t see it that way reporting the vehicle as “suspicious” resulting in the Ottawa police detaining both the clock and CTF staff. Incredibly, the CTF’s clock and vehicle were subjected to inspection by a bomb squad — but found the only thing exploding was the federal debt!

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that when it came to nutty protesters the Ottawa Police were all too willing to accommodate including blocking off an entire city street so they could cart around signs inviting people to “beat back the Tory attack” — far less “suspicious” than the National Debt Clock.

–Troy, Derek, Courtenay, Shannon and the rest of the CTF team

Bus stop, Bus stop

Great new facility and expensive EMPTY buses. Your tax dollars at work play.

And who has to pay for it all?

… the buck stops HERE

Big fish and little fishes?

Will Brison soon hear the patter of little feet chez eux?

One of only 34 Grits elected to the new Parliament, Mr. Brison said he and husband Maxime St. Pierre are thinking of starting a family. “I don’t want to have one of Canada’s first same sex divorces,” he said when asked if he is considering another leadership race. “If you’re going to make that commitment, I not only want to be a parent, I want to be a good parent and that’s something we both feel strongly about.” [link]

“Ye gods and little fishes!”

Scott Brison – big fish

A Big fish

in a much smaller pond.

More on health care

More commentary from Brian Sanderson on the Health Care issue, after his attendance at the candidates forum the other night. Links included are his also.

After the Ball

Well, wouldn’t you know it, by the time I’d finished cooking dinner I was too late to get my question in. Never mind because the last question of the evening — asked by some intelligent person whose name I can’t recall, sorry — served well enough.

Question: How will you make health care sustainable for the next 10 years?

  • Sheila Richardson was fast into the fray, flailing away with all ten of her green thumbs.
    Let them eat locally grown organic food, says Sheila. Grown without pesticides, of course!
    Don’t forget Grandma’s chicken soup, made with love, and lots of vegetables, yummy, please!
  • Mark Rogers mounted his magnificent oratorical stallion and charged after Sheila! Mark drew in the reins and the charger rose on his hind legs and pawed the air. Waving an orange standard, Mark exclaimed:
    Vote NDP and we will give you what you wish.
    Then there was a poof of magical sparkle dust, and Mark morphed into your Fairy Godmother and the stallion became three blind mice. (OK, I confess, I never could quite get the hang of fairy tales.)
  • The crowd was still gasping for air when David Morse looked up to address them in staid and measured tones.
    We will fly in a load of cash and deliver it to your NDP government…
    So they can sprinkle us with fairy dust?
  • Scott Brison knows a dog when he sees it, he wasn’t going to have any of this Mandie Pandie drivel and drool. Liberals are the economic master-blaster, said Scott, and we know how to tango. Remember how we saved health care in the 1990’s! We will invest in children and families! Now, let’s all play in the sand and fund fund fund till daddy takes the T-bird away.

They all chanted families, families, families. Young families and old families, and most especially, green families, orange families, blue families, and red families. Yes, they have a funding package to buy your family. But there was one guy, sitting aside from the crowd, who looked a little uneasy.
What’s wrong? I asked.
I don’t have any family, says he.
Don’t feel left out, the crowd chanted, you get to pay…

Come on guys, and gal. You were asked a serious question!

Wws comment: Did anyone notice that in the English debate that Harper said quite pointedly that he and his family “used the public system“?

Now why do you think he said that?