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Dirty fuel

Speaking of dirty fuel –

Germany was forced on Wednesday to draw on its reserves for producing electricity for the second time this winter as Europe is gripped by a severe cold snap.

The country’s four main power operators requested the reserve generator at a coal-powered plant in southern Germany and two plants in Austria be activated, the regional environment ministry in the southern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg said.

The power station in Germany, in the southern city of Mannheim, would continue to be used Thursday, a spokesman said.

“We do not have a problem of supply, of quantity, it’s principally a question of stabilizing the network,” a spokeswoman for the Germany electricity market regulator said.

Germany also had to tap its reserves in early December. The system was set up in August to avoid shortages and stabilize the network for the country’s winter power provision. Read more:

“Stabilizing the network” because their wind farms weren’t up to  it and because of anti-nuclear policies. But coal is the answer and we guess oil sands oil is too dirty. Sigh.

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Are you reading?

We will be adding this book to our must read list. We are afraid that too many will dismiss the book because it comes from Ezra Levant but he is taking a different approach than one might expect. As Ezra says:

That’s the thing: to get support for Canadian oil, I’m not challenging the left’s values. I’m counting on their values. Because I know that Canada’s oilsands best meets the test of those values — environmentally sustainable, peaceful, economically just and respectful of minorities. I try to prove that in the book, and even try to quantify some of those measurements.

But it will challenge the “Progressive”‘s  vision of the world and evidence is often dismissed when that is threatened. Will it count that as a source the Oil sands actually is better from their environmental point of view? Will Ezra be able to convince these ideologically fixed minds with his arguments?

I make the case to liberals that if they believe global warming is an issue, then oilsands oil is superior to other sources of oil, such as California or Venezuela, which both have heavy oil that requires a lot of energy to refine. I also show that in a full life-cycle analysis — for example, taking into account things like the tankers to ship OPEC oil to the U.S. — oilsands oil is comparable in greenhouse gas emissions to most other oil in the world.

We somehow doubt it because when one’s world view is challenged it is psychologically uncomfortable and facts be damned. It is all about feelings in today’s world. Reality doesn’t count.