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A letter on the Property Valuation Services Corp

This letter in the Chronicle Herald this morning is worth noting. Since it may eventually disappear from the “Voice of the People” we copy it here in full to preserve it for ratepayers future reference. Not-so-minor details In a Feb. … Continue reading

Arms length?

One of the PVSC Board of Directors: With thanks to one of our readers. Later: The Board enables the PVSC to understand the needs of its primary clients, the 55 municipalities and property owners in Nova Scotia, while maintaining the … Continue reading

When will they ever learn?

If the mayors don’t know how it works what chance have we got? Here it is again in print in today’s CH, supposedly informing our residents how things work. The growth in the value of Lunenburg County homes has slowed, … Continue reading

Tax rates are not taxes

Will they ever learn? We can understand why municipal officials might want to distract their citizens from increased taxes by using confusing language, but reporters should be able to see through it, shouldn’t they? Here is a report out of … Continue reading

Assessment “wealth”

Tonight the T0W Finance Committee [euphemistically called the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force] will meet . Here’s the guts of the agenda. … 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm … 4. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT [1/2 HOUR] 5. COMMUNICATION [1/2 HOUR] 6. REVIEW … Continue reading

Wolfville’s website

When is the Town going to get a new, improved website? If you remember the comments on a previous post, we understood that Wolfville would be following in Berwick’s footsteps with a joomla based site. Either they are awfully slow … Continue reading

Letter on the new Assessment Office Regime

There is a letter today in the Chronicle Herald which is the only mention we have seen in the press about the new assessment regime which we alerted people to in a past post. The new Assessment Office set up … Continue reading

New assessment regime

Did you know that as of April 1st we now have a new property assessment regime OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE MUNICIPALITIES? We knew in 2006 that the province was planning this change and warned about it in this post. … Continue reading