It’s Teddy time

An appeal from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

Dear Supporter:

The CTF’s annual waste recognition event – the Teddy Waste Awards – are approaching and we need your help.

This is the biggest media event of the year that blows the whistle on government waste.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  And nothing will change unless we put wastrels in the spotlight and demand better from those charged with managing our tax dollars.
The worst wrongdoers – the most specious spendthrifts at the local, provincial and federal level – are singled out for a Teddy – the golden sow, a handsome gilded symbol of government waste and extravagance of the highest order.

And that’s where we need your help. Have you heard of a local, provincial or national story of government waste that you think deserves to be nominated for a Teddy?

If you have a great nominee please email us at:

Last year we awarded a Teddy to Ontario’s tax collectors, who collected $56 million in severance payments when the province converted from provincial sales tax to the HST, even though none of them lost their jobs.

The year before, we honoured Nova Scotia MLA Len “The Master of Multitasking” Goucher, who charged his taxpayer-funded expense account for 11 computers, 12 printers, 5 digital cameras, 4 video cameras and the Xbox game Dance Dance Revolution over a three-year period.

We can’t make this stuff up! But we do need you to tell us your favourite waste story – help us give Canada’s money-wasters the recognition they deserve!

Our Teddy awards get tons of attention from newspaper, TV, and radio reporters, bloggers, even foreign wire services, so please provide an internet link, or attach a document, with more information on your Teddy nominee. We need credible, public news sources to back up the information in our Teddy nominations.

Thanks for all you do,

–Gregory, Courtenay, Derek and the rest of the CTF team

Do send in your nominations of wastrels from Wolfville or elsewhere in the Valley. We’re sure they wouldn’t mind a donation either.


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