Dirty fuel

Speaking of dirty fuel –

Germany was forced on Wednesday to draw on its reserves for producing electricity for the second time this winter as Europe is gripped by a severe cold snap.

The country’s four main power operators requested the reserve generator at a coal-powered plant in southern Germany and two plants in Austria be activated, the regional environment ministry in the southern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg said.

The power station in Germany, in the southern city of Mannheim, would continue to be used Thursday, a spokesman said.

“We do not have a problem of supply, of quantity, it’s principally a question of stabilizing the network,” a spokeswoman for the Germany electricity market regulator said.

Germany also had to tap its reserves in early December. The system was set up in August to avoid shortages and stabilize the network for the country’s winter power provision. Read more:

“Stabilizing the network” because their wind farms weren’t up to  it and because of anti-nuclear policies. But coal is the answer and we guess oil sands oil is too dirty. Sigh.

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2 responses to “Dirty fuel

  1. I recently switched from oil to electricity. I had a fill up of oil before I did. The oil companies usually wait until the price goes up before an automatic delivery.

    I found out the oil company would not give me credit for any of the oil in the tank, nor would they take it away. There reason for not taking the oil was that it had bacteria in it. I’d like to know why they would put bacteria in the oil in the first place. What kind of bacteria will make oil unusable?
    I know there is oil eating bacteria, they used it in the Gulf of Mexico.

    • Perhaps you can advertise it on Kijiji (at a discount) and enterprising sort will come and pump it out. Then you can have the empty tank removed.