Wind farms are not farms

With the discussion taking place presently in the County re wind farms, perhaps the No Farms, No Food people should consider this:

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture wants the provincial government to temporarily pull the plug on industrial wind turbine development until serious shortcomings with the program can be fixed.

Federation president Mark Wales says the developments are pitting rural residents against each other. In addition during the past few weeks, members have told federation representatives about health problems associated with the turbines, concerns over the loss of farmland, encumbrances on their properties and other issues. …

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli, the Progressive Conservative’s energy critic, says Ontario Auditor General’s Jim McCarter notes in his 2011 report released in December that for every job created in the wind and solar industries, two to four jobs in other sectors are lost because of higher electricity prices….

Among the federation’s concerns are:

•    the price paid for wind power;
•    the inefficiency of wind power – it can’t be stored for use during peak demand periods;
•    setbacks and induced currents;
•    health and nuisance matters; and
•    removal of municipal input from wind turbine projects.

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