Could Dexter learn from Thatcher?

This caught our eye:

As the privatization of state-owned industries proceeded, and unemployment temporarily rose to one million, then two, and finally three-million (before sharply declining), the London County Council, dominated by Marxists, was almost screaming for her blood. Mrs. Thatcher replied by abolishing the municipal government, put one of the greatest cities in the world under direct rule from the Home Office, sold the London government headquarters, County Hall, the largest building in the country, to Japanese developers to be turned into an aquarium, and London enjoyed better municipal administration. [read the rest]

All of NS isn’t as big as the London Municipality. Some amalgamation is going to be needed – school Boards, Municipalities. Has Dexter got the balls courage?


One response to “Could Dexter learn from Thatcher?

  1. Where is our Margaret Thatcher, Iron Lady. Perhaps we are all too old and too used to government handouts.

    If somebody doesn’t find the courage of her convictions, we are DOOMED.
    Does it take noisy protest? Obviously quiet camping doesn’t get rid of the bozos that rule us, provincially.