A letter

A letter to the C. H. from Wolfvillian B. Sanderson, sometime reader of, commenter and contributor to Ww –  in case you missed it.

Personal freedom key

Re: “Religious freedom ‘essential’” (Jan. 3). Surprise, surprise! Our government is going to bless us all with an “Office of Religious Freedom.” The Holy See in Rome, the Aga Khan, head of the Greek Orthodox Church, and other foreign powers were duly consulted. So who would have the temerity to complain? Me, that’s who! I refuse to be governed according to secret advice from foreign god-pushers!

We have been told that the Office of Religious Freedom will protect religious rights and advocate on behalf of religions. It is the job of government to represent people, not religions. Religions do not have rights. People have rights! Let us have an “Office of Personal Freedom.” [emph ours]

Brian Sanderson, Wolfville  [link to Voice of the People]

Have to agree. Better they should get rid of the Kangaroo Courts so called Human Rights Tribunals.


3 responses to “A letter

  1. Betty Morgan

    You are absolutely right. They did not campaign on that little trick, nor should they push foreign religion at us. Protect religious freedom, yes, but not to put it above the law of the land. Religion may be a right, but it is also a luxury that we can’t afford to support with tax money.

  2. Thank you!!!!

  3. Religion is the problem. All over the world old men telling everyone to live by their gods rules.