Vandals strike again

We wonder how and why these vandals choose their targets, or is it just random idiocy?

From the Police Briefs , Dec. 16th

Vandalism under investigation

Three incidents of vandalism took place in Wolfville during the weekend.

Early on Dec. 10 a window was broken at Wolfville School when a piece of metal was thrown at it.

On Dec. 11 some windows were broken at MP Scott Brison’s office off Harbourside Drive while a hammer was used to break windows at the Wolfville Memorial Library.


2 responses to “Vandals strike again

  1. This type of crap goes on every weekend and even on weekdays. It’s usually due to the numerous drunk university students after 1am, however their are a very small selection of young kids hanging about,and I figure homework isn’t a priority for them.I’d personally like to see security camera’s in the Back Alleys,RailTown,Behind Joe’s,Bookstore,Save Easy, Library, L.C.,Church(s) and School etc.Needs to be more lighting in the L.C parking lot and park as well.
    I see cameras are already in place on the street, however I doubt anyone even bothers to watch what’s on them as our flower beds are destroyed usually every weekend among other things…”glad it’s winter so I don’t have to look at them scattered all over the sidewalk and street”
    I must say I am extremely proud of the police force here though….they do a wonderful job keeping the university drunks somewhat (herded) together but more has to be done.
    I hope whoever is responsible for this is caught and brought to justice.On a better note, Happy Holidays Wolfville!

  2. Find out who the kids belong to and send the parents a bill for the damage that is done. It would soon stop.

    Likely.? Maybe not.