Lounge issues

The last in the series of submissions from David Daniels .We wish to thank Mr. Daniels for keeping his eye on Council and Town doings and sharing his observations with townsfolk via this blog and The Mud Creek News.

The issue of amending the Town’s Municipal Planning Strategy to allow the Town’s lounges to stay open an extra hour, till 2 a.m. for a maximum of 6 days a year is moving forward.  A public participation meeting and public hearing should take place in the coming months.
It has taken over 2 years for this issue to have a public airing.  Excessive drinking and health and behavioural concerns which may accompany excessive drinking are serious matters which the Town and Acadia University should be addressing.  But should public discussion be focused upon an extra six hours of serving liquor over the course of a entire year?   
David A. Daniels 



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