Wolfville’s Wild spending

Another in the series of submissions from David Daniels also available in The Mud Creek News.This one is on a subject we have been complaining about for years.

Compare what Wolfville pays in “Administrative” costs, according to the Town’s recently produced Consolidated Financial Statements, dated March 31, 2011, to the same line item for the Towns of Antigonish and Kentville.  I’ve included the most recent, 2006 StatsCan population figures. 
General Administrative – Administrative Costs:
Wolfville (pop. 3772)      —-     $857,044


Antigonish (pop. 4236)   —-     $504,790
Kentville (pop. 5815)      —-     $606,408
Dig a little deeper.  For Wolfville only, in the budget year 2003-04, the cost of administrative salaries was $234,862; for 2008-09, $329,850; and for the present fiscal year, administrative salaries are at $407,000.  That is an increase of over 73% in an 8 year span.

David A. Daniels

2 responses to “Wolfville’s Wild spending

  1. Can this be published again in the fall when some of these same people run again, especially the mayor. TIME FOR A BIG CHANGE.

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