Gaspereau Ave Appeal

David Daniels has submitted this to pass on. It is from the latest issue of the Mud Creek News. Watch for more items in the next few days.

The developer appealed the decision by Council to reject the proposed 4-storey apartment building along Gaspereau Ave to the Utility and Review Board. The developer’s solicitor sought to adjourn the appeal.  “Our client wishes to explore whether a redesign of the project will meet the approval of the Town Council by way of development agreement while reserving its rights with respect to the refusal which is the subject matter of this appeal.”  The Town agreed to the requested adjournment.  
Mr. Morrison, the Town’s Director of Planning, previously negotiated the development agreement which the Council unanimously rejected.
I assumed, correctly, that Mr. Morrison would again be representing the Town in the new negotiations with the developer.  I asked at the Dec. 5th Committee of Council meeting whether Mr. Morrison would be receiving any direction from Town Council concerning the negotiations.  The answer was “no.”  I did not ask “why not” but that surely is a question which Councilors may wish to ponder.  I was told that Diane Mombourquette, the CAO, would be joining Mr. Morrison at the negotiation table.  
David A. Daniels

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