Here is some news of note concerning policing:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are developing a provincial strategy in relation to police response to alarms. …“Say we get an alarm, we go and find a mouse has run across the floor or a box fell,” Berwick RCMP Cpl. Mike Carter told Berwick council February 22.

The proposed strategy would see RCMP move to a “verified response” model for single-zone alarm incidents. A verified response means some form of verification has been made by an alarm company or an eye witness there has been an unwanted intrusion before police will attend. …

To March 15, the RCMP are requesting home and business owners provide feedback on the strategy via an online form on the Nova Scotia RCMP website. Information about the proposed changes to alarm response may alse be found.

RCMP will continue to be dispatched to multi-zone alarms such as glass breaks, hold-up alarms, panic alarms, and medical alarms etc. [emph. ours]

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Kentville’s emergency services raced to almost 200 alarms in 2010, only to discover they were false.

The town is getting serious about reigning in the problem with a new bylaw that would fine repeat offenders $200 to $10,000. …

Mander pointed out the bylaw is “more focused on the commercial side of things” and education, as well as officer discretion, would be part of the implementation.

Council originally discussed partnering with Kings County and Kings RCMP on the issue, but Mander said that was no longer on the table.

The RCMP has gone to a different strategy to reduce alarms,” he said, “which, in my view, will put more people at risk.”

Police Chief Mark Mander presented the proposed regulation to Kentville’s council advisory committee Oct. 11. Home and business owners would also be banned from having their alarm system automatically dial emergency services. [emph ours]

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It’s a puzzle why , when we are told everywhere that crime is decreasing, that the From the Cruiser section gets longer every year. The perception of the public is contrary to the official statistics. Could it be that satisfactory police response is decreasing even faster than the crime rate?


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  1. Poor response… perhaps too many donuts? Still, they are infinitely faster than a Council deliberating the hours that liquor can be sold. But none are so fast to the trough as an MLA to a plush pension plan.