Kings 2050

Garbage in, garbage out. Here’s some comment on the Kings 2050 initiative by Wolfville’s own Brian Sanderson. We copy a few excerpts here to whet your appetite.

Once again, the foul stench of municipal politics drags me to the keyboard. Bureaucratic bowels have turned out another turd, Kings 2050: “an exciting partnership initiative intended to guide the long-term sustainable development of Kings County”, they say…

…The administrators are only looking after their own interests. They have been put in charge of setting the terms of reference. And the terms of reference are to blow the budget on talk feasts and reports full of gabble-garbage. And when it’s all gone, perhaps Mr Irving will find them another pot to plunder! These self-serving goons are already targeting your pocket with a suggestion to “update taxation and user fees policies”. That’s code for robbing the rest of us blind!

…The “deliverables” are just a bunch of plans. Plans plans plans. Make a plan, review a plan, change a plan, plan to plan again.

Do read it all.


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