Wolfville Parking alert

Just to alert you …

There are some more parking changes.

Not sure you would be able to use the skateboard parking lot listed, what with the digging they are doing ” next door”.


4 responses to “Wolfville Parking alert

  1. I have often wondered why Main street could not be made one way going east? No parking on the north side, no cafe furniture on the road and have it that way for a month or two in summer between certain hours.

    It has been quite successful for Kentville. Traffic flows smoothly there, I think.

    With the number of retired folk in the area, it could be that the hours of 11 – 1 pm could be for those who work and want to use their lunch hours for shopping, banking, etc. Is there anything more annoying than trying to get to a teller behind a little old person with a coin person who thinks nobody is behind them?
    That isn’t going to change. We are all getting older. It doesn’t need to be a by law, just a word to those who have compassion. Posters could be put up at the market and elsewhere.


  2. And another thing. I’d like to know who named the new tea room “The Stem?”
    I like “The Blossom.” But nobody asked me.

  3. Well it’s been awhile since I last posted (2009) in which I addressed my parking issue that I had within the town of Wolfville. My ineligibility to purchase a parking permit during my stay as a resident because I didn’t work within the town forced me to find another apartment outside of town.

    I have finally obtained a part time job,within Wolfville (six nights a week) on top of my full time job so “hopefully…. I now qualify.. for a parking permit if I choose to move back into the town of Wolfville”.

    Maybe they will “eventually” change this stupid and ridiculous “town law” so I can work “normal hours” and “live some life” normally within the town I love so dearly…… “otherwise I will just have to give up the privilege to drive or move again”.

  4. I failed to mention that I’m glad they are “SLOWLY” making some changes….a lot more still has to be done.