We predict

Since the feds are supporting the Convention Centre project ( a silly sop that won’t help the province) we predict Nova Scotia will NOT get the shipping contract (an important productive enterprise that would help the province).

We agree with the Taxpayers Federation which is disappointed.

“In giving this project the green light, the feds have ensured taxpayers will be on the hook for a heavy initial outlay as well as millions more in future operating loses,” the federation’s Kevin Lacey said in a release.

“Today’s announcement means that money better spent on tax reduction, schools and hospitals will instead be wasted on this resource-draining undertaking.”

He also criticized Ottawa’s decision to spend more money than was originally requested.



2 responses to “We predict

  1. I predict that the financial offices part of the project gets down-scaled and the cost of the convention centre gets up-scaled. And the rest of us just get scaled.

  2. Rumour has it that Pete Luckett will be bringing his retail food business to Wolfville.
    That should also bring in lots of extra shoppers and cars. We had better make sure that Port Williams has an alternate place to shop and get gas. It is ridiculous for those on the mountain to have to drive all the way to Greenwich or New Minas or even Kentville from the far reaches to shop. Talk about wasting gas.