Why we didn’t vote

Why we didn’t vote. Not us personally but  here is one survey focused on why  a significant percentage of eligible voters in NS didn’t vote in the last election:

Prince Edward Island non-voters most likely to say they couldn’t vote because of illness or disability – 12.7% compared to 4.7% in Alberta – while Nova Scotians were most likely to say they were turned off by the candidates and party platforms.



One response to “Why we didn’t vote

  1. I can sort of understand why people may have little interest in voting for a “representative”. (A tiny vote for a tiny cog.) I wonder how interested people would be if they had the final say on legislation? Let’s say the Representatives have passed some bill. The Senate passes the Bill. But, instead of Royal Assent, the final approval had to be from a majority of citizens (not logistically difficult in this electronic era).

    Would people be more interested if they were actually voting for/against the rules by which they must live? (As opposed to just voting for some guy/gal who you can only hope might make legislation that doesn’t stink too badly.)

    I imagine (foolishly?) that voters would turn out big-time to vote on the big and important issues. Most of the pointless stuff that politician’s do would be rejected by the virtue of public disinterest. It would be an amusing experiment…