THE newsletter

You know which one we mean. The glossy, full colour spread from our fearless feckless leader that was apparently a priority for our fully rested postmen to get into our box.  We can be thankful that apparently newsletter circulation is reduced to twice a year. There is a link to it hidden artfully on the Town Website; the posted one is redundant for everyone with access but hang the expense.

In line with our new, working on what works for us, rule, we withhold written comment except to say that we think the witch hazel (or the spotted alder) is a perfect tree for Wolfville’s official tree – if we need an official tree at all. The exploding seeds will liven things up and they are appealing to birds “ as well as Beaver, White-tailed Deer, Eastern Chipmunks, squirrels, and Eastern Cottontails” which will attract wildlife to our town (people not so much). The claim its twigs cool passions and heal broken hearts could be tested by several residents of our acquaintance.

For further amusement  we direct you to Brian Sanderson’s comments on the newsletter which can be found here.  [Thanks Brian! We can always use a good laugh.]


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