AIMS Municipal Performance Report

The 2nd Annual Nova Scotia Municipal Performance Report is out. It is ” a compilation of information from 2006 to 2008. It reveals the performance of municipal governments at fulfilling their responsibilities.”

In the first chart 55 municipalities are listed from most effective to least.  See how far you have to scroll down before you find Wolfville which is ranked 46th out of 55!  More detailed analysis follows where the municipalities are listed in alphabetical order.  Here is the link to the report (PDF)


UPDATE -a detail from one of the informative charts:


2 responses to “AIMS Municipal Performance Report

  1. In His recent spewsletter, His Excellency (Forever?) praised His loyal and former servant, our ex-CAO, now gone on to greener pastures:
    “Roy was a leader in municipal administration whose expertise was often sought by our colleagues throughout the region.”
    Yet here we are again, trailing the pack. I guess the other municipalities may have been a bit slow to assimilate all that fine advise from Wolfville. It’s a shame, don’t they understand, they are supposed to follow Our Leader.