June 14, 2011

A video & message from the CTF

We took the National Debt Clock to the Conservative Party Convention
 this past Thursday as a friendly reminder to the Prime Minister, MPs and party delegates that their government is still overspending by $1,024 per second (Read: time to roll up the sleeves and control spending in order to meet the 2014 balanced budget commitment).

However, many delegates didn’t see it that way reporting the vehicle as “suspicious” resulting in the Ottawa police detaining both the clock and CTF staff. Incredibly, the CTF’s clock and vehicle were subjected to inspection by a bomb squad — but found the only thing exploding was the federal debt!

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that when it came to nutty protesters the Ottawa Police were all too willing to accommodate including blocking off an entire city street so they could cart around signs inviting people to “beat back the Tory attack” — far less “suspicious” than the National Debt Clock.

–Troy, Derek, Courtenay, Shannon and the rest of the CTF team

Bus stop, Bus stop

Great new facility and expensive EMPTY buses. Your tax dollars at work play.

And who has to pay for it all?

… the buck stops HERE


3 responses to “June 14, 2011

  1. It’s not and empty bus, it’s a 16 ton road-wrecker! Road damage increases as the 4th power of axle weight. So, per mile driven, that bus does 4000 times as much road damage as a car.

    I feel a dose of road rage coming on…

    • You are right. And the speed of heavy vehicles is also a factor for road damage and we have mentioned this on a number of occasions in past posts [for example here] The Town worthies (and the RCMP) don’t seem to want to do anything about the speed of trucks (or buses) going through town. At least speed through the commercial centre has been reduced by the 4 way stop. We have suggested smaller buses but Bill Z didn’t think this was a good idea.

      • It would be interesting to analyze the statistics of passenger trips (if data are available). I suspect that some routes are far more popular than others… Perhaps one could run a bus service at a profit by just servicing the area between Wolfville and Kentville AND running smaller buses more frequently? Not many people will muck around waiting an hour for the next ride…

        This Province needs a head-shift to profitability… Unfortunately, governMENTAL-types insist on killing the for-profit option.

        I don’t understand Council. They run a transit system as though this place was a major metropolis — then they stymie commercial/residential development.