Like father, like daughter

Could we let this go without letting Wofvillian’s know?

A Cambridge CEO’s drive to “evangelize” her company’s nanotechnology coating systems has resulted in large-scale success.

Cambridge NanoTech founder and CEO Jill Becker turned her Harvard chemistry thesis research into a rapidly growing company whose revenue increased 186 percent from 2008 to 2010, hitting $17.7 million.

“Through the economic downturn, that’s pretty impressive,” Becker said. “We really help other companies solve their problems in order to get products to market, or improve the lifetime of products, and that’s why we’ve seen so much growth.” …

“We’ve done everything from coating silver jewelry to optical to energy, nanostructures, electronics, coating drill bits and biomedical applications,” Becker said. “One of our customers uses it to coat hip replacements.”

Becker developed a love for chemistry in high school, which led to an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and a Harvard doctorate in the subject. [more]

We are sure Lutz is very proud. We join him in congratulating his daughter on her success.

It seems to us  this is exactly the kind of operation our Council SAYS it aims to attract to Wolfville. How? By raising taxes even further.

We think they have no clue what they are doing.

And why does this remind us of Roman?


2 responses to “Like father, like daughter

  1. I did not know Roman, but am moved to comment that his death may have gone unremarked due to his being alone in Wolfville and a victim of passing time, when our hair gets thin, our tummies fat, and the light fades from our eyes. We become invisible.

    We can walk down Main Street, go into and out of shops and come home with the realization that nobody has spoken to you, let alone smiled.

    One can enter a restaurant and be scanned for a moment by people at tables where there are empty chairs and not be invited to sit. One would think that everyone is on a mission to become a spy – secretiveness, being the operative word, not hunger or social contact.

    It is the only place I have lived where smiling at or speaking to little children and babies draws frosty stares from mothers intent on teaching their babes not to speak to strangers.

    The only noisy joy I hear is after Convocation where relieved parents parade and gather in groups to celebrate the knowledge their children have supposedly gained which will free them from the grinding mills of financial obligation.

    Lighten up Wolfvillians!

  2. I second that!