Colourful Railtown

After five years  –

Condominium owners at a colourful Harbourside Drive development in Wolfville are pleased their building is finally registered with the provincial condominium board. …. Local realtor John MacKay says deed holders at Railtown are happy now and his firm continues to show condos. Toronto consultant Bob Ferris says about half of the 29 units in Railtown have been sold. [link]

That’s all right then, eh?


3 responses to “Colourful Railtown

  1. I still say that downtown Wolfville is built arse-backwards. Water views matter. Businesses, especially restaurants, would do better if they could exploit the water views. Railtown is the lid on the coffin.

    PS, I watched Railtown being built, there is no way I’d ever buy one of those condos.

  2. Brain, could you explain why, after watching Railtown being built, that you would never buy one?

  3. Did you really say that here Brian? Could anyone follow up on Railtown? I’d like to know how many have been either sold or rented. Whether or not there have been problems of any kind. It is in such a dandy location. Let’s hope it turns out to be a success story eventually.