Deception or ignorance?

The editorial in the CH of April 23 repeats an oft heard error. A letter from a reader of Ww who “gets it”, sent in to the paper some days ago, may (or probably may not) appear in a subsequent issue of the CH.

Dear Editor,Your editorial “Gorging on bump in values” (CH 23 April) contains a false premise:
“Taxes will go up this year simply because of property assessment inflation.”

Councils impose property taxes to cover the liabilities that Councils incur. Property taxes go up because Councils spend more. Property valuations only determine the way in which the payment of Council liabilities is distributed among property owners.

You have played right into Councils hands, and undermined your own message, by perpetuating the myth that property values determine property tax.

You may see your error (frequently made in the CH) as being inconsequential. I would beg to differ. Muddy thinking enables politicians and self-serving bureaucrats to get away with financial murder in this province.


Brian explains it very well and until more ratepayers understand this vital issue – how property taxes should work – they will not understand municipal politics.


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