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More commentary from Brian Sanderson on the Health Care issue, after his attendance at the candidates forum the other night. Links included are his also.

After the Ball

Well, wouldn’t you know it, by the time I’d finished cooking dinner I was too late to get my question in. Never mind because the last question of the evening — asked by some intelligent person whose name I can’t recall, sorry — served well enough.

Question: How will you make health care sustainable for the next 10 years?

  • Sheila Richardson was fast into the fray, flailing away with all ten of her green thumbs.
    Let them eat locally grown organic food, says Sheila. Grown without pesticides, of course!
    Don’t forget Grandma’s chicken soup, made with love, and lots of vegetables, yummy, please!
  • Mark Rogers mounted his magnificent oratorical stallion and charged after Sheila! Mark drew in the reins and the charger rose on his hind legs and pawed the air. Waving an orange standard, Mark exclaimed:
    Vote NDP and we will give you what you wish.
    Then there was a poof of magical sparkle dust, and Mark morphed into your Fairy Godmother and the stallion became three blind mice. (OK, I confess, I never could quite get the hang of fairy tales.)
  • The crowd was still gasping for air when David Morse looked up to address them in staid and measured tones.
    We will fly in a load of cash and deliver it to your NDP government…
    So they can sprinkle us with fairy dust?
  • Scott Brison knows a dog when he sees it, he wasn’t going to have any of this Mandie Pandie drivel and drool. Liberals are the economic master-blaster, said Scott, and we know how to tango. Remember how we saved health care in the 1990’s! We will invest in children and families! Now, let’s all play in the sand and fund fund fund till daddy takes the T-bird away.

They all chanted families, families, families. Young families and old families, and most especially, green families, orange families, blue families, and red families. Yes, they have a funding package to buy your family. But there was one guy, sitting aside from the crowd, who looked a little uneasy.
What’s wrong? I asked.
I don’t have any family, says he.
Don’t feel left out, the crowd chanted, you get to pay…

Come on guys, and gal. You were asked a serious question!

Wws comment: Did anyone notice that in the English debate that Harper said quite pointedly that he and his family “used the public system“?

Now why do you think he said that?


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