Not Harper

As you headed out of Wolfville you may have seen some new signs on East Main St. There are buttons being handed around willy nilly too. Has Danny Williams moved to Nova Scotia?

They must be worried, eh?

This may backfire for the anti-Harper cabal –  It will probably prompt the Conservative base to get out and vote.


5 responses to “Not Harper


  2. I was looking for the Wolfville sign pictures…wish u had them to go with the article 😦

  3. Don MacNeill

    I saw these signs in Wolfville this weekend. I wish I could buy one but I hear they were given out at the local farmer’s market. It is probably too late for the election but I bet they would apprear all across Canada if given a chance.

  4. Thanks Wendy for the picture of the protest group. Unable to enlarge it to see who they were, I did notice, however, they were dressed appropriately, most of them, as clowns.