Ho hum forum

People talk about the dullness of the campaign. The setup of this event will be no different than it has been in the past and therefore a very ho hum affair. Calling it a debate in the headline is deceptive. Forum is more accurate.

Kings-Hants voters will get a chance to hear what their candidates have to say at a community forum Tuesday, April 19 in Wolfville.

Organized by The Kings County Register and Advertiser, and sponsored by Acadia University and the Eastern Kings Chamber of Commerce, the event will be moderated by newspaper editor Sara Keddy.

Liberal Scott Brison, Conservative David Morse, Green Party member Sheila Richardson and NDPer Mark Rogers have been invited to participate through moderated questions from each of the sponsors and then a session of public questions.

The forum will take place at Festival Theatre in Wolfville between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.


4 responses to “Ho hum forum

  1. It’s a bit sad that 10 days after its publication, there are still no comments on the Advertiser/Register article. I thought I might leave a comment, then I remembered, they have a “be polite policy”. Only obsequious questions allowed?

    All elections should be in the Fall, when there is plenty of over-ripe fruit.

  2. I sometimes wonder if there is any point having meetings when candidates are scripted to follow a platform that we can all read on line. So here is my attempt, weak though it be.

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