Guess who

The CBC Vote Compass people who were in Wolfville recently had a little quiz where they asked residents to guess which leader matched which quote. Here’s our version.

Which politico said the following?

  1. “There’s a fiscal freight train coming at us, but federal, provincial, and municipal politicians and business leaders aren’t talking about it”
  2. “The size of government in all four Atlantic provinces is too big. Things are out of control.”
  3. “If [the NSLC]  made $220 million run by bureaucrats, it would probably make even more run by retailers with skin in the game,”
  4. If we don’t make difficult decisions now, we’re going to be forced to make excruciating decisions in five or 10 years. It’s a question of leadership.”

Hint –    his remarks at his recent Open House weren’t half that meaty but the Chinese chicken balls were.

For the source of the quotes follow this link.

…one major obstacle prevents government from slashing spending and selling Crown corporations: the public. Citizens… will not endorse such measures until they are properly informed of the province’s dire fiscal state. “Part of politics is pedagogy, so before you start bringing in the tough prescriptions, you’d better make sure your citizens are aware of the problem. …Nova Scotia is also home to an “ominous” debt ($13 billion and counting), massive deficits (predicted to be $370 million in 2011–12), the second-oldest population in Canada (ahead only of Newfoundland and Labrador), high taxes, and “near-toxic levels of complacency.”

Somehow we guess we won’t hear much of that kind of talk in the campaign. It’s all sweetness and light –

“This is a big, hopeful, optimistic country, and I really do believe that Mr. Harper is appealing to fear,” he said.

With thanks to a reader for the tip.


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