Cities bristle at Liberal plan

This headline grabbed our municipally minded attention.

Cities bristle at Liberal plan to scuttle $1-billion infrastructure fund

Canada’s cities say a Liberal proposal to scrap a $1-billion infrastructure fund will rob them of one of their few remaining sources of federal cash.

Weighing in on the election campaign, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities says the Liberal plan would give cities money with one hand while taking with the other. …

The Liberal plan, released Sunday, promises a $275-million-a-year “Affordable Housing Framework,” aiming to reduce homelessness, and build and maintain social housing. To pay for this, a Liberal government would end the $1-billion Public Private Partnership Infrastructure Fund on the grounds that it has “accomplished virtually nothing.”…

The P3 fund was created in the 2008 Conservative budget as a Crown corporation with $1.25-billion to spend. So far, it has contributed $25-million toward a road extension in Winnipeg, $50-million project in the Maritimes to expand emergency radio services and $25-million to a commuter-train maintenance centre in Montreal.

Guess that leaves the NDP

… or the Greens.


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