Rating landlords

This could be a very useful for students coming to Wolfville – A facebook page rating landlords! Here’s the descriptive blurb for the Rate my landlord – Wolfville page:

Looking for a place in Wolfville or the surrounding area? Wolfville has some awesome landlords that treat students very well, but there are also some awful places and horror stories out there!

Create a discussion group for specific landlords and discuss good and bad feedback. Please nothing hateful or hurtful!

Ww is also on facebook BTW.  And twitter.


One response to “Rating landlords

  1. There should be a site where landlords can post about bad tennants. Could post photos of holes in the walls, GARBAGE, conditions of stoves and fridges, and there is good reason for NO pets. Some tennants should have brought their mommy or maids with them. Before and after photos would say alot.