Note to readers

Wolfville watch published it’s first post on the 28th of March 2005 so yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of the launch of this humble blog.

We intend to go dark as our increased workload makes it difficult to continue. The issue of municipal accountability, particularly in Wolfville, deserves more effort than we, at the moment, have to give.

We might wait to stop completely until after the election but you can expect the frequency of our posts to decrease, as in fact it already has. Since we will not be publishing  as often, if you wish to be alerted to occasional posts please subscribe using the box in the right column.

As a retrospective we have put together a few links from earlier years, a sampling of the many topics covered on our pages.

Over taxation – one of our first posts

The Farm market

The mayor

Who are we?


A platform for other residents to air their views

Fair Trade

Social Engineering

The Greens and Sustainability satire

Railtown and more  Railtown

Blogging Frank take your pick

Brison and opinions on a coalition

Roy stuff

and High Fashion

That’s enough – just too many – choose a topic and have fun with the search box.


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