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Had interesting contacts from folks at CBC’s Connect the Vote with Mark Kelly asking us to mention their visit to Wolfville. Didn’t get the heads up soon enough to  make people aware of this event before hand but in case you missed it as we did [work, work, work]  … you may want to know they were here in Wolfville today.

Tonight, as we make our way across Canada, we’re live on location from Wolfville, NS. Wolfville is home to politician Scott Brison, who in 2003 crossed the floor as a Progressive Conservative to sit with the Liberals. So what a great opportunity to ask, what’s the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative? [more]

Is it picky to note that Brison’s home is in Cheverie not Wolfville?

We also take to the street for a playful game of Who Said It? We find out if Canadians can match random quotes to their party leaders.

REALLY sorry we missed that. We know at least one resident who would have given them a run for their money.

We do “follow” Kady O’ Malley on Twitter  … which doesn’t mean we follow her – if you get my drift. We also “follow” David Akin , Charles Adler and other political commentators.




2 responses to “Live on location

  1. Mark Kelly lived up to my expectations, again. I watched 5 minutes of his asinine banana-brained bilge and turned off the TV… I guess I wasn’t in a sufficiently mindless mood for a kiddies quiz show masquerading as political insight.

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