Off and running

Brison hit the campaign trail yesterday. He loves getting his name in the paper so he will be happy he had a mention today.

A trio of Bluenose MPs showed up on the 2010 list of sponsored travel that the federal conflict of interest commissioner released last week.

Three trips were listed for Kings-Hants Liberal Scott Brison, two of them courtesy of Pictou County businessman Donald Sobey, of Sobeys Inc. and the parent Empire Co.

Brison flew to meetings of the trilateral commission, an international think-tank, in Dublin and Mexico on Sobey’s private jet. Brison said the two are friends, both are members of the commission, and the trips had nothing to do with politics, the Globe and Mail reported.

Brison covered his own accommodation costs on the trips.

Previously, Sobey loaned Brison $50,000 toward Brison’s 2006 bid for the Liberal leadership.

Brison’s third trip was to Bogota, Colombia, where he was the keynote speaker at a seminar on the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Proexport, which promotes tourism, foreign investment and non-traditional exports in Colombia, picked up the $2,856 travel tab and $3,000 for accommodations.

There was another Liberal and a Conservative MP mentioned too, but we aren’t in their ridings; you can read more here.


2 responses to “Off and running

  1. The Trilateral Commission is just another tool that the ultra-rich and powerful use to give us all the benefit of their wisdom. And they obviously like to share their wisdom with Scott, or vice versa? The prospect that I am governed by those who have the benefit of such advice does not make me sleep better at night. Indeed, I think that this is just another way in which celebrity-lobbyists sideline ordinary folks.

  2. I like Scott but unfortunally a vote for him is a vote for Iggy. It will be a BLUE MONDAY