Their only hope

The Liberal Party’s only hope was for Ignatieff to come out and say categorically that he would not join a coalition with the Bloc. When he did not do so Friday when questioned pointedly on the subject we figured he was going to try to hedge his bets again.

But it appears that on reflection the party saw what we saw. The threat of a coalition of any sort but particularly with a separatist party was the Conservatives big gun in the campaign and the only hope the Liberals had was to take it out of action – and to take it out early before it looked like an act of desperation. Ignatieff’s statement has done that. Our estimation of him (or whoever advised him) has gone up.

If Harper still wins he had better stick to it though. To say his name would be mud for ever after if he reneged would be an extreme understatement. It would be a betrayal of cosmic proportions.

It will be interesting to see how the projections change following this clarification of intent.

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