Celebrating Earth Hour

On March 26th you can join those who want to throw humanity back into the dark ages and turn off your lights. Or you can join us in celebrating human innovation and defending the individual freedom necessary to continue advancing and creating the solutions of the future. During Human Achievement Hour at 8:30pm, wherever you are, keep your lights on to show that you don’t support efforts to curb energy use and that you instead support man’s constant quest to better life on earth.

That’s the position of many who don’t celebrate a return to candlepower.

You can join the movement on facebook here.

The UN seems to share this philosophy – in practice if not in theory.

Note that all other city buildings are essentially dark at 6 a.m. – the time this photograph was taken. Only the U.N. Secretariat building is fully lit throughout the night. The shining beacon of statist hypocrisy.

Look around Wolfville sometime in the Earth Hour. You may spot our house with the lights on. We may also be drying some laundry and oven grilling a steak or three.

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One response to “Celebrating Earth Hour

  1. Heck, I don’t need this nonsense. I spend the whole year turning off lights after other people — just to save a few pennies to put towards those outrageous property taxes!

    So, the big question for the day: Will Town Hall be a shining example or will they be, as usual, in the dark?

    All lights will be blazing on the Town hall side of our house, in the faint hope that they might see the light.