Blogging Frank 607

You may have noticed the “Roy Brideau Packs Up” headline on the cover of the latest Frank magazine. This refers to a small subtle piece on the Brideau Affair.

At Frankland presstime, chatter at the Wolfville Tim Horton’s suggests outgoing CAO Roy Brideau’s humble abode is mere days away from making its MLS debut ….Of course Roy has probably been too busy relaxing under the hot Florida sun to spruce up his Kings County home which his critics love to point out lies just outside Wolfville Town Limits…. Sometime after April 15, the pension rich Roy (I’m advised by town sources he authored his own Cadillac pension plan in Wolfville) will be starting his new job as McKenzie County  cao, which obviously Roy must have applied for before his extended Florida vacation.”

Who is asking what and when did the mayor know? Why was and is he so generous to Brideau? Why was Council in the dark? Who is going to blow the whistle a la HRM?

Other items of interest in this ish are;

  • A spotlight on Leslie Ann Conrad’s murder – 1570days without an arrest. Will this spur the pony police to move on the Conrad case? The Gallant family thanks Frank Magazine in this issue with keeping the Paula Gallant murder case in the public eye and a letter from a reader states ” I was more than a little disappointed that the Chronicle Herald neglected to mention Frank Magazine’s relentless campaign… As a newcomer to Nova Scotia, I was unaware of the issue until I started reading Frank. I wonder if any progress would have been made without Frank’s “xxxnumber of days without an arrest” campaign. ” There is a two page spread on the Gallant sentence.
  • Two mentions of Ramona Jennex. A protest from Clair Rankin, Ramona’s EA over the hypocrisy charge made by Frank in the last issue was countered by Dan Walsh with “partisanship is partisanship. Period.”  The second bit  is in the letters section titled “Someone get Ramona an abacus“. The letter starts “ I think dunce-cap minister Romano Jennex gets an F for her math on the school board cuts.” Her projected teacher retirement numbers don’t make sense.


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