Whose responsibility?

The mayor’s?

The Legal Dept? ( Or other staff?)

The Council’s? Did they ask? Did they look? Were they interested?

A letter in Voice of the People:

Harperland East?

On Tuesday, HRM council met in camera to discuss the $400,000 provided by the CAO to Power Promotional Events re: the Black Eyed Peas concert.

I have looked at Section 22 of the Municipal Government Act of Nova Scotia and see that “… council meetings and meetings of committees appointed by council are open to the public.” Section 22(2) defines the only subjects about which council meetings may be held in private. I also see that Section 22(4) requires council to make public the subject of any council meetings held in private.

I have a hard time trying to fit a discussion of this type of payment into any of the valid reasons to meet in private. Has the council violated the Municipal Government Act by meeting in private and not releasing the subject and discussions of this serious issue?

Do I now live in Harperland East?

Ward Carson, Granville Ferry

Will Mayor Stead think of himself as part of Harperland East?

Those who do not see the parallels in our own house are blind.

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