They got caught

“The only reason we’re here today is that they got caught,” …

This is an HRM Councillor talking about the concert cash scandal. The Councillors didn’t know? But the mayor knew.

“This was an explicit relationship between the CAO, the mayor, concert promoters and (Metro Centre Ltd.),” Uteck said.

Why does this make us think of Wolfville?

According to the committee report, the cash advances violated the municipality’s charter in that they exceeded the authority of the CAO and because the city cannot make grants to for-profit entities….Council also discovered that the city had been advancing Power Promotional Events Inc. cash since 2008, when the large-scale concerts on the Commons began.

Who monitored our CAO’s expenditures, either his own expenses or spending decisions for the town within (or beyond) the CAO’s discretion? The mayor? Is monitoring of this sort by Councillors considered “micromanagment”?

And didn’t the Town give grants to the farm market when it was a profit making entity? And didn’t they improperly interfere in the Assessment process? And have they adhered properly to the limits on in camera meetings and decisions?

If anything is wrong in Wolfville who will “catch” it? Does anyone give a fig?

One gets tired of asking the questions when the only answer is “Don’t be asking silly questions, everything is fine.”

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